Azores Real Estate by owner
Santa Maria


No doubt:   the Azores are
one of the most interesting diving destinations in the Atlantic.  The international media call it "the last paradise in the Atlantic Ocean."

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By the Gulf Stream, there is a mild climate throughout the year. A gentle breeze in summer provides for a very comfortable 25 Celsius. In winter the temperature rarely drops below 17 Celsius plus. The water temperature is similar.

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The Azores are the peaks  of an approximately 8,000-meter-high undersea mountains - the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. About 40 kilometers north of Santa Maria are theFormigas”. At this high rock formation many ships are wrecked and sunk. The wrecks are still on the ocean floor and offer divers an interesting target. The underwater fauna is overwhelming. The abundance of fish around the islands makes diving for pleasure.

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The Gulf Stream and the different seafloor topography create ideal conditions for a huge diversity of species.
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In Santa Maria, there are three dive centers where you can book boat dives from early May to late October.

Our cottages are perfect for diving groups up to 8 people, who need a comfortable, affordable accommodation in a private setting. Large terrace with barbecue!



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